Braddock Democrats Calendar


Our calendar contains both our events as well as holidays and events of other organizations we think might be of interest to our members & volunteers. You can choose to view any or all of our calendars (all events are open to the public, but some events do have an entry fee):

  • Braddock Dems Events
    • Events planned & organized by the Braddock District Democratic Committee
    • Campaign voluteer opportunities in Braddock District organized by the candidates & campaigns
  • Democratic & Progressive Events
    • Fundraisers & campaign related events by our Democratic elected officials
    • Events planned & organized by the Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC), other District Committees, or Standing Committees
    • DNC, Democratic Party of Virginia, Democratic Caucus, or other City/ County Democratic Committee events
    • Campaign, lobbying, & educational events by non-Party organizations
  • Government & Public Events
    • Elections and related deadlines
    • Official events by our elected officials
    • Town halls, public hearings, information sessions, community meetings, & other events held by the County, State, or Federal Government
    • Opportunities for lobbying or providing public comment (may be an online event)
    • Public festivals & events
  • Holidays, Birthdays, & Commemorations

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Viewing the Calendar

All four categories are displayed by default. To view individual categories on the calendar, click on the down arrow at the top right of the calendar. On the drop down menu, unclick any categories you do not want to see.

To change the view from Agenda (default) to Month or Week, click on the appropriate tab.

The Print icon will allow you to print the current view of the calendar.

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Subscribe to our calendar:

You can add our events directly to your Google Calendar by clicking on in the lower right corner of the calendar below. This will produce a pop-up window that will allow you to select which categories you wish to subscribe to.


There are many, many events on Facebook that are of interest to our members and volunteers. When we find them, we will add them to our Events Page. If you want to be notified when we add events to our Page, click on the Following button on the options bar and make sure notifications are On for Events. Click on the pencil icon to edit these settings. (NOTE: You do not have have an account to see our Page and the Event details. However, you must have an account to subscribe to notifications.)

If you see an event that you think would be of interest to our members & volunteers, please send the URL to so we can add it to our Page.

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Fairfax County Democrats:

The County Party maintains a calendar of events throughout Fairfax. Click here to view the Fairfax County Dems' calendar on their website.

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